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Lightroom Culling.

Price: 5p per image culled.

Working in Lightroom and using over 16 years of professional experience in the industry I cull your shoot down to 'the best of the best'.


Why sit there for hours culling thousands of images when you are tired and you have grown too close to the shoot?

Let me do the hard work for you - whether you are needing a whole shoot editing from scratch, or the last edit before the final collection is sent to the client.

Image by Plush Design Studio

Photoshop Retouching.

Price: Retouching work is very specific so please email for a quote.

Using Photoshop and working efficiently to your detailed brief, I can complete your shoot and return the images by ftp, USB or hard drive within 3 days.

From one-off tricky shots, mass commercial processing and e-commerce work, removing backgrounds quick masking, cropping, preparing for web, adding text, adding/removing objects and changing the style etc.

Please call or email for more information.

Custom Designed Lightroom 'Style' Preset.


£60 for a bespoke Lightroom Preset.

Do you want a new style for your work but you are having difficulties achieving it?


I can design you a new, bespoke Lightroom preset specifically to your detailed brief and get that style you are looking for.

Once you are happy with the finished effect, I can send you the completed preset so that you can load it on to your Lightroom and go from there!

Please call or email me for more information.

Vintage Wedding Car

Wedding Editing.

Price: £35 per hour.

Using Lightroom, I quickly and effectively edit and correct your shoot. From basic settings like contrast and exposure to more specific noise reductions and lens corrections.

Keeping within your catalogue, adding presets if needed and 'flagging' images to bring them to your attention.  ​

Constantly getting consistent results as you can rest assured it is always me doing your editing. When completed, you will receive the same Lightroom catalogue back for you to carry on where I left off, go back on history if needed, or just send straight to the client.

Album Design.


£75 for up to 20 spreads/layouts.

£120 for up to 40 spreads/layouts.

(Price includes one set of amendments)

Designing clean and contemporary albums, tailored to suit your company style. All layouts are designed specifically for each album.


Working with Blurb Books, Folio Albums, Jørgensen, Queensberry and many more...

All you need to do is email me the album type, page number, cover details and a link to the images and I can book the design in for you.

Custom Designed Lightroom 'Starting Point' Preset.


£60 for a bespoke Lightroom Preset.

Designed by me to save you time!

A bespoke Lightroom 'Starting Point' preset designed to run over a whole shoot to save you post processing time.


Everything from basic contrast, exposure, colour balancing and lens corrections to highlights, vibrance and saturation settings can be put in to a preset ready for you to keep on file and use on every shoot, leaving you with just the final tweaks.

Saving you more time to do what you do best!

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